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I went to a social event today, and I think it went okay? Started from the bottom now we’re making furtive progress toward the lower middle. 

backwithastory said: I am not the intended audience (as I will actually have a roommate and I am very sadly not Jo) but as I am packing to embark on my own moving adventure, this list is a great comfort. Thank you, bold pioneer. I miss you!!

Happy to help! I miss you too! We should have a Megajeb skype date. Good luck with the packing!

How to Furnish Your One Bedroom Apartment Where You Live Alone and Friendless

Part of an ongoing series for the encouragement and edification of my fellow solitary pioneers but mostly Jo

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1. Test the weight of a piece of furniture before you buy it. You will be carrying it up your laughably precipitous fire escape by yourself. This is not the moment to invest in a solid gold credenza.

2. Disassemble things. Take the drawers out of the chest and carry them separately. Invest in some tools or look pitiful enough to convince people to lend them to you.

3. Buy cheap, terrible furniture. “Oh no,” you think, “I scratched this mahogany nightstand as I clumsily wrestled into my living space. The horror!” False. You do not think that. You think: “Oh look, I’ve chipped this table’s worthless particleboard for the fourth time. Fly free, particleboard chips. Fly free.”

Addendum to 3: By cheap, terrible furniture, I do not mean Walmart furniture and its ilk. Yes, it is terrible, but you can do terrible for so much cheaper! The worst desk at Walmart is $30 on sale. A similarly awful desk out of someone’s basement is like 1/3 of that.

4. Speaking of which, thrift the thrift, my thrifty thrifters. When you’re buying bigger pieces from a thrift store, ask if they can recommend a mover. They almost certainly can, and it will be an independent mover (aka a dude who owns a pickup truck), and it will cost you way less than a moving company with an actual extant website.

5. I know it kind of sucks, but if you physically go into a store instead of buying online, you can learn about sales and student discounts and such, and you will save money. But totally price check online beforehand so you know what you’re getting into. 

6. Do not be too proud to ask for help. Well, if we’re drawing from my personal experience it’s more like “Be too proud to ask for help but not too proud to consider asking for help as a backup plan.” Anyway, if you can casually slip into conversation with an acquaintance that you are living in an empty shell of a home furnished only with solitude, your acquaintance will probably offer to help you carry something, and you can cash in on that later. And then you’ll feel guilty about it and repay them with a beer or something? This is how I imagine it playing out.

7. Thrift store picture frames are cheap. Photos are cheap. Mementos are free. You see where I’m going with this. Put stuff on the walls to make your apartment a happy place but, you know, in like a fun, parsimonious way.

In conclusion: You will totally get to know people who will help you move things. But you can go into grad school (or your new job or whatever) and be all:


I’ve got your back. 

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Blue during “Flawless”

that’s it. i’m done. i’m such of fan of this child.


The best part is the way Jay-Z looks at the camera like “are you guys getting this? are you getting this cuteness on film?”

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Mallory Ortberg, national treasure.

A Beautiful Woman Performs ‘Male Novelist Jokes’ to Riotous Acclaim, via The Toast.

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